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The smell of blood begets fear in the soul of the faint hearted
Surgeons and butchers are immune souls to it’s stench.
Once, when I had drank my fill from the breast of dementia.
I flung wide the legs of fear and I raped her.
Now, if you know anything about Memories,
It is that, the glossy finish gets glossier every time.

Back to this hour of blood and fear in the air.
Whose blood is it? You ask.
Ask the butcher when he slits the throat of a bull
Or the surgeon as he clamps down vessels in your gut.
The gory details don’t matter at this hour.
Only the muddy red blood and the bile taste of fear
That is all that matters.

How dare you think about death?
Death will forever remain a mystery to you
Until you stare it down and live to tell a tale
The tale I assure you will get glossier
-each time you tell it.
For such is the curse of memories
But I assure you this,
There’s no insurance against death
For death is equal to nothingness
And life has a strong affinity to nothingness
So, fear not death though it means your end
You’ll only become a memory that gets glossier.

Ps: Memories fade away into nothingness.

by Blaqknyght

Note: Apologies are in order, I admit I have not at all been faithful to this blog, though I’ve been writing, if you could call it that. Been getting some funny messages, on twitter especially in the last couple of weeks, people saying I don’t write, that I sacrificed my writing for twitter, tbh fam (I still don’t know what this means by the way) and all. You know what? I think Its hilarious, Iike that could ever happen.

Now the reason for my absence is quite simple, I’m working on something special with a few other people, when it all comes together I’ll let you know. I promise I’m not slacking, aswearrugad. Have a wonderful week ahead. shalom


Day 13 – Aluminium


Symbol – Al

Atomic weight – 26.9815

Ionization energy – 5.9858eV

Solution – The Stupidity of Nigerian Internet Users

Chemist – @The_LegalHermit




When straying into the DMs of twitter chicks please beware of screen munchers

– Twitter community

I was ‘derping’ on the Internet when I ran into some statistics which states that approximately less than 10 percent of Africans use the internet. First of all I was in denial, as anyone well groomed African would be, but then I thought about it, and then realized this was true mainly because a vast majority of Africans in Africa are not educated, don’t have access to a computer and much less the Internet. Which then brings us to the issue or the question; what do the less than 10 percent who have access to the internet use the internet for?

Well, I cannot categorically say what the less than 10 percent use the internet for, but going by web usage, Nigerian youths are one of the most fortunate with unlimited access to the internet in Africa. Hence we can safely assume Nigerian youths make up a sizable part of the 10 percent who have access to the internet.

With that established, what exactly do Nigerian youths use this time on the internet for? First and foremost, we have to rule out “RESEARCH” (well Nigerians, the youths especially are not the best of readers and researchers) and also “EDUCATION” (Depends on your definition of education, but I am only interested in formal education here).

I know what you’re thinking; “But the internet isn’t used for these things only”… well you’re right, the Internet is also used to network, socialize and so much more. Honestly Nigerian youths really do know how to do these things, but it’s like there is a loose screw in the brain of some of you, always being on the defensive and not accepting reality when people differ or disagree with you on ANY issue.

There are so MANY stupid things Nigerian Youths do with the internet, and some of this stupid cyber behavior will be logically and unsentimentally discussed below.

The First act which I find stupid about the Nigerian usage of social media is how Nigerians are so imposing of their views and how they feel about topics, issues, etc. It needs to be made clear that no two persons share the same opinion or views (that is as long as you are capable of having one). So when someone has a contrary opinion which differs from yours, you don’t need to call the person names or result into tweet-fighting the person. The best you can do is either to adopt that person’s view/opinion or you acknowledge the view or opinion while you make it clear that you cannot change yours with logical reasons. Moreover changing your opinion will not kill you, I think most of you are just so eager to show how smart you are that you forget that being imposing about your opinion shows the contrary about your level of education.

The second act which I find really STUPID and appalling is when two or more Twitter users exchange swear words online, and while they’re at it, some of the followers of these two users pick sides, and then we have everyone having a go at each other. This is known to all in the twitter-verse as a TWEET-FIGHT. Unlike the physical fights where it all starts and ends there, a tweet-fight is of another dimension, there is this feeling of contempt and hatred which always follows thereafter. It gets annoying when the tweet-fighters start revealing gory and disgusting details and personal information about each other.

Furthermore there are a set of internet users who think it’s fun to go sit a corner of their rooms and plan a tweet-fight, honestly I wouldn’t call you lots low lives (oops just did), but if this will make you do some thinking, then you should know that there is someone out there in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Algeria…and so on fighting for a cause with the same opportunity you’re wasting and in shorter supply too. People who have decided to use their spare time to change a system which they feel is killing the people and their dreams. Some of these people are even way younger than most of us.

Ok moving on, another thing which I also find stupid is the posting of nude pictures. A girl meets a guy through the social media, and then they become really close, she then proceeds to send him nude pictures for whatever reasons (which is totally not our business). However, because of reasons unknown to us all, the degenerate who was sent this nude picture(s) proceeds to post the nude picture(s) of this poor girl on his timeline. Girls have been known to post nude pictures of other girls too.

It should be noted that the primary stupid and retarded person here is the person who tweet-pic’d the picture(s). But then surprisingly, you see a whole lot of Nigerian youth showing off how bereft of reason they are. Very few people are intelligent enough to reprimand the miscreant who posted the pictures, most of them generally just call the poor girl “a hoe” or some rather brash appellation based on a picture she sent to a guy in complete TRUST. Instead of reprimanding the guy, everyone goes into some sort of frenzy, and then some other stupid people will start a tweet-fight over a matter.

Statistically the ‘twitter session’ of 2011/2012 was the year in which most Nigerian girls (the unfortunate ones) got their nude picture(s) posted on social media network by some guys (and girls). Even though some people have been suspended, others got blocked, some trended while at it,  it just seems like some of the guys on twitter have got smaller brains than that of Johnny Bravo’s.

Also 2012 was the year of the “Screen munchers”. That was the year when you dared not meander into a girl’s DM, to whisper sweet words of love to her or ask a girl for a mutual exchange of silly pictures, your conversation will get “Munched” and the person who Munched the conversation will post such online for the whole world to see. These “Screen Munchers” are my favourites of all the stupid people online, because we all know they are stupid for posting the Munched conversations, but out of some miraculous force of nature they are the only ones in doubt that fact.

And oh before I forget, there is this category of “STUPID”. The people in this category actually do know they are stupid, however why they act or do whatever they do is something I can’t still wrap my head around. These are the guys/girls who sit down in their homes, in front of a computer and then start typing nonsense like, “THE BANGABLE CHICKS”, “TWITTER CELEBS”, “THE TWITTER HOES” etc and put it up on a blog for all to see. To make matters worse they are cowards who can’t even own up to the said intellectual property, I mean you should be proud of whatever your brain can orchestrate, after all you posted it for all to see.

The last set of stupid people are the “Follow Back” voltrons. We all know that following a particular twitter account is not mandatory, in other words, if you ask for a follow back and don’t get one, why not just FUCKING UNFOLLOW, why do you have to start ranting “ehn, he is forming twitter celeb… blah blah blah”. I have always said, if you like his/her tweets, follow him/her, and if you expect a follow back and you don’t get one, you either stay or you leave, you don’t have to bitch about someone not following you.

I am tired, if you fall into these categories, please do yourself a favor, and change for the better. I know Twitter is no man’s land, however twitter is REAL, if you keep telling yourself Twitter isn’t real, I am afraid you’re keeping yourself locked in a self-imposed genjutsu ( illusion). So tread softly on these twitter streets. Even though there are a lot of douchebags on twitter, trust me there are good people there too. You just gotta look in the right places.


Idrees Ibraheem